Monthly Archives: August 2013

Personalised Red Arrows fly-by!

What better surprise than a phone call at 5.30pm, to say that the Red Arrows will be flying by later this evening! Whoohoo! Cockahoop! And so very excited when they buzzed us at 18.57, smoke going and […]


All I want for Christmas… is Pentillie!

We know, it’s ages away, and it feels slightly horrific to be talking Christmas when the sun is shining, the birds are singing and life is generally pretty rosy! However, the blackberries and sloes are starting to […]


Mr and Mrs Coryton Junior…

Celebrating the wonderful wedding of Mr and Mrs Coryton Junior back in May…  It was such a treat that Oli and Soph were able to get married at ‘home’. Following a wonderful wedding in Landulph Church, with […]


Did we speak too soon…?

Hmmm, maybe?! We’re a bit gutted that the sunshine seems to have diverted away from Cornwall since I wrote the last post, and we’re now frantically doing our sun dances for this weekend! Especially as the fabulous […]


Loving this summer sunshine & the outdoor theatre…

We’ve thoroughly enjoyed the sunny summer we have been enjoying, particularly being able to host outdoor events without recourse to taking out shares in wet weather clothing companies (no need to mention Musto here!). This Sunday was […]


Bog-Snorkelling for Crocodiles?

Bog-snorkelling has taken off in some parts of the country, but not in Cornwall that we’ve heard of… until now! After the recent dry weather the water levels dropped in the sawmill pond… so much so that […]