A moment in time… choosing your wedding photographer

Our helpful and informative guide to choosing your wedding photographer

‘Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything’ -Aaron Siskind

Photography and videography will be more important than ever before due to the current situation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Pictures and videos may be the only way you can share your special day with loved ones who are unable to attend the actual event.

Capturing the essence of the day ensuring the images tell your wedding day story will be a huge requirement for couples when searching through the thousands of photographers available.

Top tips when beginning your search, from the team here at Pentillie;

  • Ask for recommendations both from friends and your wedding venue. This will be a great place to start!
  • Consider what style you are after. According to hitched.com there are 3 styles of photography – Reportage, Traditional and Contemporary (read more here). And thanks to social media we have millions of images at our fingertips on instagram, pinterest and website portfolios.
  • Rapport – It is so important that you feel relaxed and comfortable with your chosen photographer, so a face to face meeting is normally highly recommended. With the current lockdown situation this currently isn’t possible however request a Skype, Zoom or FaceTime call. You need to be confident that you get along and that they understand your aspirations for your wedding album.
  • Your budget has to be considered from the offset, though I cannot stress enough that your wedding photographs will be priceless.


‘Just remember… the cake gets eaten, the flowers will die, but the photographs will last forever’ Anonymous


And now from the experts themselves..!

Please find below some incredibly helpful tips from a selection of photographers and videographers who we proudly feature on our preferred suppliers list. We also asked them to provide a favourite image taken at Pentillie and explain why they had chosen that specific one. Asking a photographer to talk about an image will give you an insight into their style, passion and focus.

Rachael of Rachael Amos Photography

Top tip…

What better way to keep yourselves occupied during lock down than to plan your big day?! My top tip is to do your research while you’ve got the man hours. Find a photographer with lots of experience and great reviews. If you need any help with planning your wedding photography, feel free to contact me for help. I absolutely live and breathe weddings and would love to chat about your big day!

My favourite image…

A bride and groom sharing an intimate moment in the Lime Avenue at Pentillie Castle

It was so difficult to choose just one favourite image from Pentillie. It’s one of my favourite venues as there are so many beautiful spots to capture stunning images. I have chosen this photo from Jess and Ben’s wedding. We used an orange smoke grenade in the wooded area to highlight the sun coming through the trees. Just gorgeous! It’s my favourite image because a lot of my photos are taken close-up but I am quite far away from the couple here which allowed them a more private moment. The intimacy in the photo and that adorable hand-hold are just to die for!

Contact details…

Rachael Amos Photography





‘To me, photography is the simultaneous recognition, in a fraction of a second, of the significance of an event’ Henri Cartier-Bresson


Andrew & Aga of Younger Photography

Top tip…

Ok, so you really like a style of images you come across on websites/ Facebook/ Instagram.

Firstly arrange a face-to-face meeting. This is the best opportunity to get to know the person behind the camera… and ask questions:

Is the business legitimate?

  • Are they insured? (They absolutely have to have public liability but any other insurance is on them)
  • What experience / qualifications do they have?
  • Are they a ‘wedding photographer’ or a ‘photographer’ as there is a huge difference. You need a completely different skill set for your big day.
  • Make sure you understand the contract before signing it

Secondly ask to see their portfolio, real wedding examples.

The wedding books will show a full story of a wedding, the consistency and quality of images.

And finally check your photographer’s reviews/ testimonials on trustworthy sites like Google or Facebook.

My favourite image… 

A bride & groom in the Lime Avenue at Pentillie Castle

Photograph of Lucas & Jen in “Lime Avenue” at Pentillie. We really like simplicity of this image, its composition, colours and the lighting in this image, but above all the romance, the true connection between this lovely couple.

Contact details…

Younger Photography





‘Taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is – Anonymous


Amber of Liberty Pearl Photo & Film Collective

Top tip…

Tip #1 Do your research
Look for feedback on your photographer’s website or social media channels, and take a closer look at their wedding galleries online (ask to see full weddings not just a few images from each wedding) ask to view their albums too. This will give you a good indication of their whole package, style of photography, and what you can expect from them on your big-day.

Tip #2 Think about any particular moments you want captured on the day
Whether you have a long list of must-have family portraits, or you’re feeling all inspired by some creative or fun images on Pinterest, deciding what you want from your big-day photography is key. You may prefer more natural, documentary style photography or perhaps you have some more dramatic shots in mind? Whatever it is you’re looking for, discuss any needs and requirements with your photographer.

Tip #3  Embrace the unexpected
While it’s great to have a plan, sometimes things may not always go the way you hoped on your wedding day. Whether there’s a torrential downpour during your summer nuptials or the timings of your day run off schedule, embrace the changes and recognise that together, they make those special memories of your wedding day.

My favourite image…

A bride and groom in the Wisteria Walk at Pentillie Castle

I love this image because the wisteria tunnel is just so beautiful and abundant, I have never seen anything quite like it apart from here at Pentillie. The couple are immersed in nature and their surroundings. The couple also loved the wisteria so I am so pleased it was in bloom for their wedding xx

Contact details…

Liberty Pearl Photo & Film Collective





‘A tear contains an ocean. A photographer is aware of the tiny moments in a persons life that reveal greater truths – Anonymous


Charlotte of Charlotte Dart Photography & Videography

Top tip…

I cannot stress enough to make sure you watch a full length wedding video that the videographer made for a couple before booking them. Most videographers only put their ‘best bits’ videos online but you must check the quality is consistent for the longer wedding video you will receive, as you may be quite surprised! This can also be said when picking a photographer.

My favourite image…

An aerial shot of the wedding party arriving back at Pentillie Castle

Photo is a video still – I love this photo as it just lets Pentillie speak for itself and its incredible location. At the bottom you can see the Bridal party arriving via a lorry convoy!

Contact details…

Charlotte Dart Photo & Film





‘Taking pictures is savouring life intensely, every hundredth of a second – Marc Riboud


Khalile of Khalile Siddiqui Photography

Top tip…

Well I’ve got three really…

1) Make sure your photographer is accredited to a recognised photographic body like ’The Society Of Professional Photographers’ (SWPP) this will ensure they’re more likely to take you and your wedding more seriously as they have to attain a certain standard to be accredited.

2) Make sure your photographer has ‘Professional Indemnity Insurance’ which will cover the cost of a whole new wedding sure the photographer forfeit on their photographic duties

3) Make sure you photographer has won at least 4 regional wedding awards!!! J

My favourite image…

An intimate moment for the bride & groom sat on the bench in the pavilion at Pentillie Castle

This is one of my all time favourite images. I wasn’t lucky enough to get to meet Rachel and Mark before their wedding day, but did have a Skype meeting with Rachel the week before the wedding day and her brief was to “just get some nice relaxed photos of everyone, as this in more of a family get together that happens to have a wedding ceremony in the middle of it”. She also said that Mark was terribly awkward in front of the lens. So what I love about this image primarily the connection between the two of them, despite the possibility of awkwardness. It had been a beautiful day, and people were playing croquet on the lawn and then the heavens opened up, so we ran under the cover of the Pavilion on the edge of the Old Tennis Lawn. I love this spot, there’s so much character there, and with the help of a reflector I got the happy couple beautifully lit, that’s probably not one of the usual ‘norm’ shots at Pentillie Castle.

Contact details…

Khalile Siddiqui Photography





‘The best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even when the people in it do’ Andy Warhol


Nick of Nick Williams Photography

Top tip…

If you have the budget, book a professional wedding photographer with a style that fits in with your day. Someone with experience and a good online presence including independent reviews. A two-sentence review will tell you little about the photographer but if the couple has appreciated their work, you will often find a more detailed review. This will give you insight into not only the quality of the work produced but how they worked on the day. It’s important to meet up with your photographer to gain an insight into their personality and to see if you will enjoy having them with you on your wedding day. In this meeting, you should get to see samples of complete weddings photographed in all kinds of conditions and not just sunny days. Having a photographer capable of great results, on even the wettest of days is important. Of course, booking a great venue with lots of photographic opportunities, both inside and out like Pentillie, does make it easy for us wedding photographers.

My favourite image…

A wonderful moment with the father of the groom giving his son a kiss on his wedding day at Pentillie Castle

With so many great photographs to choose from it’s hard to choose just one. So I thought I would go for something a little bit different, a bit fun with emotion. As a wedding photographer, it’s important to capture real memories from the day like this one, of the groom’s dad congratulation his son with a big wet sloppy kiss.

Contact details…

Nick Williams Photography





‘Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still’ – Dorothea Lange


Noah of Noah Werth Photography

Top tip…
When it comes to choosing the right wedding photographer I have 2 pieces of advice;

Choose someone that you really get on with!
This is so important as they’re going to be with you on the most important day of your life! Make sure you really click with them and they understand exactly what you’re looking for.


Book them in early!
Once you’ve found the right photographer, get them booked in. Dates fill up really quickly and sometimes up to 2 or 3 years in advance. Get your date secured in their diary as soon as possible!

My favourite image…

A beautiful moment for the bride & groom in the Lime Avenue at Pentillie Castle

What I love most about this image of Natalie and Pierre is simply the way they’re looking at each other. You know that they are completely head over heels with one another. The setting is stunning, the soft evening light was beautiful but that just emphasises the love that these two share.

Contact details…

Noah Werth Film & Photography





‘In photography there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality’ – Alfred Stieglitz


Andy of U Got The Love Photography

Top tip…

Ensure you feel you have a connection with the photographer and their work! They will be a huge part of your day; not only do you need to feel confident in their photographic abilities, they should also be someone who’s assertive and organised, (but not pushy); and someone that’ll make you laugh, will love what they’re doing and be fully immersed with you and your loved ones on the day.

A wedding photographer’s personality and the love they have for their work should shine through their social media pages and website, but it’s often useful, skype/zoom or by phone also to catch up in person, to see how you fit.

…as in the words of E.M Forster, ‘only connect’.

With regard lockdown…Currently, with the situation we are in, it will be beneficial to be patient, there are things we can make contingency plans for, and things we can’t. Trying not to invest too much energy in things outside of our control will be key. Best wishes, and virtual hugs, Andy.

As a footnote: wedding photographers – myself included – are great at being reactionary, that is the essence of reportage wedding photography; however things pan out, we adapt and make the best of every situation; be assured, this will not change.

My favourite image…

The champagne moment…

I love this shot! It fully encapsulates a spontaneous and joyful moment; a memory to treasure forever…

Contact details…

Andy Lawson – U Got The Love Photography





‘What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce’ – Karl Lagerfeld


For more photographic inspiration and venue styling ideas please visit our real weddings page.

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