School groups at Bio-Blitz event
Children search for newts and other water bugs
Drawing competition
Alison Smith with eager worm hunters from Gunnislake School
What bug is that!?!?

Educational trips to Pentillie

Schools and educational groups from across Cornwall and Devon are always very welcome at Pentillie.

The Coryton family believe that the Castle’s rich history and wonderful landscape should be shared with local communities. This shared knowledge will be vital to preserving Pentillie’s legacy.

As part of any educational visit, school and further education groups will have the opportunity to look at the following:

  • Flora – wide variety of tree, plant and flower species.
  • Fauna – insects, birds and animals (both farmed and wild).
  • Geographical features – including tidal river, promontories, valleys, woodland and parkland.
  • History – including historical buildings such as the mausoleum and kitchen garden, the history of the Castle and Coryton family.

For further information on school visits download Pentillie teachers pack, call the office on 01579 350044, or email the team.