Sir James Tillie & the Mausoleum

Sir James Tillie is finally sitting comfortably

Hoorah! Sir James is finally sitting comfortably, looking out over his favourite view. The Mausoleum was completed in April 2013, by builder William and his team, and looks fantastic. Sir James Tillie’s statue underwent a major overhaul – […]


Jimmy has returned

Our interpretation boards are up, Sir James’ statue is back and ready to be put back together, and the Mausoleum restoration is almost finally complete. Come and take a look at our next Garden Open Day on […]


Interpretation boards!

Did you ever think we would mention that word – unlikely! But, with all that has gone on in the mausoleum in recent weeks, we felt we needed something that tells the story, rather than the snippets […]


Sir Jimmy hits the headlines

12th Feb 2013 – Well, we know it’s exciting, but we just thought this would be a local news story! However, it seems to have captured everyone’s imagination, and gone rather further than we anticipated! I know […]


Cornwall’s Very Own Richard III?

Has the mystery of Sir James Tillie’s final resting place been resolved? Following the discovery of a vault under the ground floor of the Mausoleum during recent renovation work, archaeologist Oliver Jessop, and building surveyor Richard Glover believe […]