Chocolate Trees, Naked Cakes and a Website Addiction!

Firstly, hello! This is my first blog since joining Pentillie and I guess I need to introduce myself! I’m Josy and I am the latest member of the ‘Pentillie Team’. Coming from Gloucestershire and recently moving to the area, I am looking forward to working and living in this beautiful part of the world! From studying ‘Marketing’ at University, running a Ski Chalet in France, being a Head Receptionist in Bristol and most recently a Wedding Planner at a Dartmoor Castle. I am delighted to join Pentillie Castle, and look forward to writing weekly blogs and sharing the latest Pentillie wedding news with you, so here goes…

WOW… Where has this summer gone? I know we say this year after year but this one seems to have flown by! The dark wintery nights are soon approaching and it’s time to sit in front of the fire with a hot chocolate reading my latest blogs!

Weddings are a subject that I have always had a passion for. I’m not quite sure where this came from? Maybe it’s me longing to have the wedding of my dreams with my Prince Charming or just seeing the smiles and happiness of the Brides and Groom faces on their special day. Whatever it is, I have always been keen to work in the industry and research what’s hot and what’s not in regards to wedding trends!

Recently I have been interested in the new social media website called Pinterest – has anyone else got a super addiction to this? Well if it is just me then everyone is missing out! It is definitely the most upcoming website for creative minds, where you can explore your dreams and picture your life in an online page! Yes, that really is all it is, a scrapbook, online! As boring as that might sound it is in fact a never-ending scrapbook where you ‘Pin’ the ideas and images you like onto your ‘Boards’.  I have developed an addiction to this site and have created boards for ‘My Dream Wedding Ideas’, ‘Future House’ and ‘Honeymoon Destinations’. (Pinterest of course doesn’t take your budget into account and I can spend hours searching for my dream wedding). From having a lace and burlap theme with 27 bridesmaids, to a Castle venue where ‘Brangelina’ would have got hitched and a sweetheart neckline dress covered in Swarovski diamonds, it is a Bride’s heaven!! Worth a search. Beware, I did warn you it is addictive!

A Chocolate Tree? I beg your pardon! Yes you heard me right, a chocolate tree is a new imaginative centre piece for your table decor! Imagine this… A glass fishbowl filled with dreamy chocolate treats and a chocolate dipped ‘tree trunk’ rising from it, attached to a ball of solid rocky road chocolate covered in Malteasers! Sickly? Too much, or a chocoholic delight? This is definitely a personal opinion! On the plus side if your 4 course Wedding Breakfast wasn’t quite fulfilling enough for your guests then they would always have the tree to get stuck into, taking it in turns to scrape up every little remaining chocolate drop! However there are many negatives to consider… gooey chocolatley hands and mouths getting all over clothes, the bride’s dress and dripping all over the maid of honour’s Jimmy Choos! This is one of those ‘Marmite’ trends and should be carefully considered.

Another new trend that is appearing in wedding magazines and Pinterest is naked wedding cakes! People are starting to steer away from the traditional marzipan and icing cakes which can become filling and ultimately cost a lot more considering half of the cake goes in the bin and besides who actually saves the top tier for the baby’s christening these days? Naked wedding cakes are particularly good for the more casual weddings! Imagine a 3 tiered Victoria sponge cake filled with strawberries and cream covered in icing sugar and decorated with a selection of seasonal berries delicious!

I hope that has given you all something to think about! Next time you get chance to relax get on Pinterest, start pinning your ideas, dream of chocolate trees and discover naked cakes!

When you find yourself in the world of Pinterest and are fully aware of what ‘repining’ and ‘following’ means, follow us where I will pin the latest trends, real life Pentillie Weddings and a whole variety of useful info you will need for your big day!

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