Take a sneaky peek at some real weddings…

Grab a cuppa and your notebook, and get down to some proper wedding inspiration!

Couples who have previously tied the knot at Pentillie share their insights on getting married – the must do’s, the must not worry abouts, and their very best moment of the best day of their lives at one of the best wedding venues in Cornwall.

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You could even zip over to YouTube for a quick tour… only until you can get to come and see the castle in person of course!

Surprise aerobatics, arrows and a dozen guests!
Local, seasonal and handmade wedding by the water
Rain, rain go away...
When your venue chooses you!
'The best first dance they've ever seen!!'
Fashionably stylish & confidently intimate
Life’s too short to worry about how the napkins are folded!
‘A wet knot is harder to untie’
The Most Unbelievably Perfect Winter Wedding
A Russian Solo Performance, Blue Shoes and Flip Flops
A James Bond Car, Fish & Chips...not to mention the dogs too!
Croquet, Nerf Guns & Beef Wellingtons!
Enchanting Elopement Wedding
English Country Garden
Sparklers, Mistletoe and Uniform
Big Balloons and Sunflowers for an Outdoor Ceremony
Country House Chic Meets Classic Vintage
"Louis asked his friend for my phone number and the rest is history…"