Sundial and Eight Beds 1913
Sundial and Eight Beds 2013
The main path through the American Gardens April
Thatched Summerhouse 1913

The American Gardens at Pentillie

Since the current generation of the Corytons took over in 2007, the American gardens have seen the most dramatic changes. There were no paths through the tangled laurel and rhododendron, and no light penetrating the dense greenery. A large number of the wonderful specimen trees were also in a dangerous state with dead branches dangling precariously.

Following some feisty digger action, numerous chain-saw hours, and brave decisions, the American gardens have been opened up, and the laurel and rhododendron cut down, allowing the light to penetrate and the bulbs to flourish.

The American gardens take up about 20 acres of the pleasure gardens at Pentillie and are full of stunning rhododendrons, azaleas and camellias. They also boast enormous old oak and beech trees – if only trees could talk, they would tell a tale or two!

The gardens were called ‘American’ due to the plants that were imported from the United States in the mid-1800’s, shortly after this area of the garden was created by Lewis Kennedy in around 1813.

To visit the gardens, please see our open days or call 01579 350 044 to book a guided tour.