The Kitchen Gardens from the Lime Avenue
The daffodils in full bloom below the kitchen garden

The kitchen gardens at Pentillie

Despite the serious neglect of the kitchen gardens over the last 30 years, there is still beauty to be found when you have the eye for it.

Rachel Warne Portfolio Shots Kitchen Garden greenhouses 2009

Rachel Warne’s stunning shots (see above)  earned her the wonderful accolade of International Garden Photographer of  the Year 2009 for her Portfolio of shots of the decaying greenhouses in the Walled Kitchen Garden at Pentillie. These     photographs were on display at Kew Gardens in 2010, and can now be seen in the downstairs loos at Pentillie!

 Restoring the gardens with Natural England

With Natural England and English Heritage we have secured funding for the consolidation and repair of the garden walls. Grants have been awarded over the last 18 months, enabling us to restore the listed walls of the kitchen garden, and the crumbling greenhouse. This work was completed in April 2013.

Projects for the inside of the kitchen garden, e.g. volunteer schemes, re-planting of the beds and borders, will all be uploaded to the website in due course once we have a management plan in place. We plan to involve retired and wounded servicemen’s charities and local community groups in the regeneration of the kitchen gardens. However, if you have any ‘great’ ideas, or would like to volunteer, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We would love to hear from you!

What next? Volunteering?

Anyone who wishes to volunteer to help in the kitchen garden once we get the project off the ground would be very welcome. Please email Sarah to express your interest.



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