Getting back to Nature!

How good does it feel when the sun starts to shine more often, the birds are vociferous as you wake up each morning, the leaves are unfurling in all their multi-coloured shades of green (yellow AND pink), and the days get longer…? Grandpa Ted has been teaching Charlie and Hector (and all of us too) some old countryside lore – things like “Oak before Ash, you’re in for a splash, Ash before Oak, you’re in for a soak”, and “Ooooh, those birds are nesting up high – it’s going to be dry”… Well, perhaps there’s something in it, only time will tell, but we did get the BBQ out last week, and everyone’s mood seems to have improved ten fold.

Now it could just be because the sun is shining or might it also be because we have been enjoying Wellness Wednesdays at Pentillie for the last 5 weeks? Every Wednesday between 12 noon and 1pm we now turn off the phones, lock the office and either join a yoga class, take ourselves for a walk, or just sit and listen to the birds, feel the sun on our faces, and soak up the spring goodness. Is it working…? Well, who knows, but we are all being a bit kinder to each other, we have all discovered a new corner of the gardens that we love, and I think we all feel a bit more productive on a Wednesday afternoon!

It could be because of the power of nature, and how immersing ourselves in it for one hour a week can bring such benefits… We are after all nature ourselves, and not computerised automatons – although it can often feel that way by Thursday evening at 7pm when we still haven’t finished that crucial contract, event proposal or newsletter!

So, because the Times has also said it’s good for us, and there are so many books being published on Forest Therapy, and Shinrin-yoku, Hygge and Mindfulness, it must be a ‘thing’.

We are going to keep on enjoying our Wellness hours each Wednesday, and if you happen to be here at 12 noon on a Wednesday then we won’t be in the office, but we do invite you to enjoy the gardens while you wait for us, or join us in our yoga class – you will be very welcome. And we can always try to incorporate nature into your wedding, B&B stay, birthday celebration or corporate event… dawn chorus walks, arrival by boat, river swims…

Here a little snippet from ‘Forest Therapy’, by Sarah Ivens that feels particularly appropriate for Pentillie as we celebrate 10 years of being open later this summer… but remains appropriate for everyone… even if it might be a little ‘wiffly’ for Ted.

‘Mindfulness Minute’

Meditate on new beginnings and fresh starts, symbolic of spring. Close your eyes and think back to the person you were 10 years ago. Who were you then? Now think about who you are today. Would the old you be proud and excited by your world today?  What would make you proud? Give yourself a mental hug and congratulations for achieving so much. Now think forward. Who will you be in ten year’s time? Set yourself some goals and imagine yourself blossoming and growing, reaching for the treetops like a bulb in the ground, bursting full of colour and life. Meditate on three things you want to set in place. Now open your eyes and begin!

Hmmm…. only 3 things huh!!! Our minds our whirring.  And I’m especially keen to see what Brexit Copse looks like in 10 years time.

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