Homemade weddings, ‘sweetie trees’ and double dresses.

If you have already booked your wedding or are newly engaged looking for that special wedding venue, Christmas can be the perfect time of the year to ask your family and beloved ones for a wedding donation or a contribution towards florists, hair and make-up or any smaller detail for the wedding? Maybe a cheeky request but if you didn’t want anything for Christmas this year, why not?!

The more I use Pinterest the more I find inspirational wedding ideas. You could literally plan your wedding on this website – or at least find millions of different ideas!

Favours are a lovely memento to thaHomemade weddingnk your guests for joining you on your special day. They can range in price and size and individuality. Personalise favours by adding your initials or something symbolic to you as a couple.

There are so many weird and wonderful trends. Embellish sweetie bags and stickers with your initials (or faces), and likewise with place settings.

Are you a ‘dab hand’ in the kitchen? Why not try hand making your favours? This can cut a lot of unnecessary costs, not to mention fun for you both to get stuck into whilst having a lazy Sunday. These could be anything from chutneys, jams and cupcakes to cookies. I’ve even seen homemade playdough (that would keep everyone busy)! And all that money saved can go towards your honeymoon fund.Pentillie Wedding Breakfast

My previous blog looked at having a chocolate tree as a centrepiece, well now there is an option for those with an extra sweet tooth. You can also get ‘sweetie trees’, along the same concept but with a ball of marshmallows instead (see right picture of a fab reception at Pentillie). Practically any of your favourite soft sweets or sweets on a stick could be used!

My latest trend is having a double dress for your wedding day. Why have one, when you can two (and they needn’t be expensive – Ebay has some fantastic hidden ‘gem’s’)! Brides spend ages dragging their mother, sisters, and friends around bridal shops to find the perfect dress for their big day, the dress that is only going to be worn for 12 hours of your life. However an increasing number of brides are choosing a more comfortable dress for the evening reception (a trend helped by Kate Middleton). Off with the long fitted dress and into a shorter simpler look, perfect for dancing the night away. You could change your whole look – hair, make up and dress and surprise your guests with a dramatic entrance.

Has your partner got two left feet? Well to match the dramatic entrance why not have dancing lessons prior to the wedding and bring the dance floor to life with a well-choreographed dance routine (a ‘Dirty Dancing’ re-enactment perhaps, or Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’). ‘Nobody leaves baby in the corner’, so get your groom to lift you above his head whilst having the time of your life or a modern dance such as ‘Gangnam style’. Whatever music style suits you, I’m sure there’s a dance move to go with it!

So whether you are counting down the days to your big day, still beaming from your fiancé’s proposal or just dreaming about your wedding-to-be, I hope this blog inspires you to create an unforgettable wedding unique to you!

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