Don’t Kiss the Frog, Eat the Frog

I have just returned from a Guidesforbrides wedding conference, where I spent a day with experts talking everything wedding.
I took some wonderful tips home with me and I wanted to share this one in particular with you all.


Are you putting off doing something?
“I’ll do it tomorrow … “I just don’t want to do it” … “It can wait” … “Argghhhhh”

It could be something small or monumental that you really need to get done, but you find lots of reasons to not do it.
I have found this tip so useful and it is really helping my worklife / homelife balance.

So what’s YOUR frog? Is it; –
? Choosing your ceremony music ?
? Finding the perfect dress/suit ?
? Sitting down as a couple and putting your seating plan together ?
? Choosing your band/DJ ?
? Telling your bridesmaids/groomsmen there is a budget for their outfits ?
? Comparing and deciding on photographer, florist, DJ, band, menu ?
? Contacting all the venues you have visited to inform them you have chosen somewhere else ?
? Telling your best friend that you have invited their ex ?
? Something else ?

Actually doing the one thing that is stressing you out most, FIRST, will enable you to enjoy the rest of your wedding planning. If you get the worst job out of the way first, then imagine how easy all the others will seem, and you can really enjoy all the good ones (like choosing your champagne and tasting cake!).

Advice is that you should ‘EAT THE FROG’, don’t put off doing something that you actually do not want to do … if you have a wedding planning day or even a morning … ‘EAT THE FROG’.
If you have a number of things that you are not looking forward to doing, then ‘EAT THE ugliest FROG’ first.

Lisa Rockey
Wedding Co-ordinator

Concept by Brian Tracy “Eat That Frog”

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