Ospreys in the Tamar?

Well, not yet. But we are hoping to lure them back. The Cornwall Wildlife Trust has just started a re-introduction programme to encourage ospreys to breed in the Tamar Valley. They prefer quiet locations, away from roads, people and the general hustle and bustle! So we’re not convinced that the Pentillie Estate on a wedding weekend is their home of choice, but the normal ‘quieter’ life of B&B at Pentillie may suit them better. We will wait and see.  In the meantime, we think their new homes look rather smart, if a little manufactured, and not exactly surrounded by good neighbours…

3 responses to “Ospreys in the Tamar?”

  1. Jan Simpson says:

    Good luck! Really interested to see what happens.
    (As I recall, they splattered white paint on the platforms at Kilder, to look as though the platforms had been used previously).
    I will to follow this with interest. Hopefully any news will be added to your website?

    • Sammie Coryton says:

      Thank you Jan for your comments. We like the idea of splattering the poles with white paint, and will certainly look into it – I can imagine it would definitely make the poles look a bit more homely!
      Apparently the osprey migration has not been fantastic this year – dwn here anyway… Do you have any thoughts on this?
      We will be adding any updates here, and look forward to seeing you at Pentillie in the future perhaps.
      Kind regards, Sammie

  2. Graham Peck says:

    It’s worked, was amazed to see Ospreys on the Tamar, couldn’t believe my eyes at first, thought they were buzzards. Then one dived and took a fish in front of us as we rowed towards PentIlle! Best thing I’ve ever seen, well done PentIlle and your team


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