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21/11/2014 – In conjunction with Purple Motion Ltd, the team at Pentillie Castle are delighted to announce a new Motorsport event for the Southwest – the Pentillie Festival of Motorsport. The event will take place in the spectacular grounds of the Castle on Sunday 26th July 2015.

Pentillie are thrilled to be working with Lee Nathan of Purple Motion Ltd to host a spectacular new Southwest England motor event in Summer 2015, featuring a timed rally stage. Lee is taking the successful elements of 2012’s Festival of Speed, adding his experience of planning events and of the motorsport industry and taking on board feedback that we received after the Festival of Speed to create a truly inspiring and entertaining event.

Lee Nathan is well known as the organiser of one of the Southwest’s largest Car events – Southwest Autosport at Newton Abbot Racecourse – which has been running for the last 3 years. Pentillie will simply act as hosts for this exciting new event, while the planning and running of the event will fall to Lee, and Kevin Moore of who also represents the MSA, ensuring the smooth running of the day’s events.

Central to the event will be a live action Rally Sprint style event hosted by GoMotorsport and organised through local Motor Clubs. The original Rally Sprint event was based around the Esgair Dafydd Welsh forest complex in the late 1970’s and was essentially a rally stage run several times against the clock with the fastest run producing a winner. This format provided high adrenaline entertainment with the flamboyant driving styles of the competing rally drivers becoming ever more spectacular as their familiarity with the route improved throughout the day. It is this exciting spectacle of motorsport that will be brought back to life in the Pentillie Festival of Motorsport on 26th July 2015.

The range of entries will include many iconic rally cars (past and present) and an adrenaline packed day of action on the track will provide the opportunity to see them being driven in anger. For those spectators wishing to get a closer look at the cars the competitors paddock will have open access throughout the day, giving the opportunity to see the teams’ service crews in action and to chat with the service crews themselves.

The track provides an exciting and challenging course over mixed surfaces and offers excellent spectator viewing. Set in the picturesque grounds of Pentillie Castle, the course enjoys beautiful views of the tranquil River Tamar and majestic Pentillie Castle, contrasted with the high octane track action.

Ted Coryton, owner of Pentillie Castle said: “This is a really exciting opportunity to build on the reputation of our Festival of Speed and create a unique and exhilarating Motorsport event in the West Country. The Castle grounds are the perfect challenge for motoring fans and will provide a stunning backdrop for some interesting cars.”

For more information about the forthcoming Pentillie Festival of Motorsport, please contact Lee Nathan on 01752 923512 or  Facebook: PentillieFestivalofMotorsport Twitter: @PentillieFOM or visit


Nov 2013 – Thank you for being patient with us regarding news on the Pentillie Festival of Speed.

Despite the success of the inaugural Pentillie Festival of Speed in 2012, there were a number of fundamental changes that needed to be made before we could consider hosting the event again.

These changes included, but were not limited to the following:

– ACCESSIBILITY: improving access and hard standing within the carparks and display areas so that poor weather does not have a devastating effect

– SPECTATOR EXPERIENCE: extending the hill climb course along the river bank and installing a pedestrian bridge

– COMPETITOR EXPERIENCE: re-locating the competitor paddock to a ‘flat’ field at the bottom of the course, adding a new corner and extending the course by 400m to 1.2km

Unfortunately, the investment required to implement these changes was in the tens of thousands – estimated over £65,000 – and while we searched, we have been unable to secure the necessary funds.

In addition there were some fundamental problems with the topography of the Pentillie Estate that made hosting an event of this scale difficult without any hindrance from the less than reliable English summer. Another issue that caused unnecessary challenges has been the threat of a law suit from Goodwood, who despite an initial lack of concern, have subsequently trademarked the phrase ‘Festival of Speed’, and threatened us with legal action if we did not change the name, website and logo of the Pentillie event.

Forgive us for being defeatist, but it has been increasingly hard to see a way forward, and so consequently there will not be a repeat event at Pentillie in the near future.

We are sad that the Pentillie Festival of Speed turned out to be a ‘one-off; as we know there are so many keen supporters of a motorsport event in the South West. However, we are delighted to have given it a go, thrilled to have made a whole new group of ‘car-mad’ friends, and chuffed that the newly tarmac’d drive got at least one weekend’s ‘run for its money’!

May we wish you all many hours of fun in your motor cars, whether you are polishing your pistons, cranking your gear shift, or belting around hair-pins. We will be watching.


2 responses to “Pentillie Festival of Speed update”

  1. Tracy Kevern says:


    Please can you tell me if the Festival of Speed will be taing place this year?

    Many thanks, Tracy

  2. Malcolm Doidge says:

    Dear Pentillie.
    This really is very sad news although we can understand the reasons for your desicion. We attended on the Sunday and in spite of the muddy conditions we had a great time. We would like to thank you for ‘giving it a go’ although we feel that phrase doesn’t do justice to what we thought was a wonderful and memorable event. Thanks again.

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