Musings from team member Kate… let’s take a look at life from another’s perspective …

The Pheasant Shoot, watching from further up the valley

From the pheasants point of view …  nice bit of shelter from the rain,  noises from up the valley, dogs, loud bangs, shouting, flapping – it’s probably best to get out of here, shall I fly and squawk to sound the alarm or sneak quietly through the undergrowth?

The dogs on the other hand … last night watched the gear being got ready, the coats, the boots, the hats, the truck.  This morning “You Are Not Going Anywhere Without Me” now are having a whale of a time sniffing, running, quietly competing, showing those younger dogs a thing or two …. this is the best thing ever!

The beaters … control, patience and then a scramble over a barbed wire fence with a wet spaniel who keeps jumping back to your side! The belonging to the team, camaraderie, a bit of banter and joshing, all working together, a few pennies in your pocket and then going their separate ways.

The guns … what fun, exhilaration, wet right through, anticipation, freezing cold, but not noticing until you stop.

The farmer … Dammit, forgot they were here today, need to move the cattle ….

The staff in the Castle … breakfast prepared, served, cleared, tables turned prepared for lunch, Chef, Front of house, Housekeeping checking the listings prepared by the office ….. phone calls coming in, quick change the list, find everyone, let them know … tick tock, tick tock, smooth systems running on in a cycle, something has gone awry, quick!  Consult! How can we best put it right?  Pull the team together.

The ringing phone …. That can change the plans for a day, week, month for the whole staff, or can change the future of the one person making the call …..

The owners … Sammie, Ted and Sarah, trusting us to care for their home, building, livelihood, friends and guests as if they were their own, have seen this place from the beginning, they have grown with Pentillie and nurtured and fussed and fiddled and repaired and mended and gotten a bit grouchy at times, but have had huge satisfaction seeing the result of over ten years hard work.

The guest …  Ahh morning, lovely comfy bed, fancy a cuppa.  All to hand as if by magic. Perfect.  I’ll wander down to breakfast in a moment, all here and ready for me.  Wonderful.

Chef …  Service……!


While we are at this perceptions game….  “oh look at the beautiful holly berries, that’s a sign of a hard winter” … I beg to differ, I think it’s a sign of having had a good summer!

It’s all about perception!

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