A Stone Circle is built at Pentillie Castle

Pentillie unveils first stone circle to be built in South East Cornwall in 2,000 years

At Pentillie we have unveiled a stunning new stone circle built atop the estate overlooking the Tamar Valley, Dartmoor and Plymouth Sound.

The stone circle, we think, is the first to be built in South East Cornwall for at least 2,000 years, is the folly of Pentillie’s  Ted Coryton.

Ted has always been fascinated by the history of the many standing stones, stone circles and other ancient monuments on Dartmoor and Bodmin Moor and wondered at their spiritual or religious meaning. “They obviously must have had great significance to the people who built them because of the time and effort required to erect them at a time when survival must have been the primary concern and occupation of most people”.

“We can only guess at the original reason for these ancient monuments which adds to their attraction and mystery”, says Ted.  “Here each stone represents a person or people to me but who they are will be a source of puzzlement and conjecture for years to come.  But everyone can make their own assignment”. The mystery has begun, but will it last thousands of years?

The position of the circle follows the tradition of being in line of sight with important local features, in this instance Kit Hill, Brentor Church, North Hessary Tor at Princetown and the Mew Stone off Plymouth.  It is a place of amazing views which few of Pentillie’s guests ever went to because there was no ‘actual’ reason to go there.

“It started as a mad idea,” says Ted, “but then we thought it would actually be worthwhile – an opportunity to build something really simple out of natural unworked local material that would last for centuries”.

We are now hoping the stunning circle, with an outlying stone to record the winter solstice, the beginning of longer days and the growing season, will provide an interesting and unusual new location for wedding ceremonies or celebrations, as well as a venue for those wanting an outdoor event with a difference or just for quiet contemplation.

We look forward to showing it off to you all soon!

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  1. Stuart Dow says:

    Hi Ted ,and Sarah ,thank you for the permission to visit the Circle last Friday ,09/03/18. You will be pleased to hear it has an Energy line attracted to it !! Well done !! I found it quite exhilarating too . I took several photos and have done a diagram of the Energy line as it travels through the circle . If you wish ,I will send to you . I am a member of the Tamar Dowsers group ,by the way . Best regards ,Stuart .

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