The Five Senses

The first of many observational blogs on life at Pentillie from team member Kate Young.


The smells – winter is on the way….. Wood Smoke & roasting pork.  It’s a tricky thing working in a castle venue with top chefs and gorgeous menus – the delicious aromas float down the corridor to the office and make me hungry.  Gun oil and boot polish have been used in the boot room this morning and the wet coats have a particular smell of their own as they hang in the warm drying cupboards.


Feeling the cold rain on your skin makes you very grateful for the warm castle and the open fires roaring in the sitting rooms.   Tamu, the black lab puppy is looking a little bedraggled and quite pleased to be in by the radiator.  She comes in and sits by my side and just looks at me.  I fetch the towel and give her a rub, now she’s gone all soft and waggily, bless her.


Watching the river Tamar as the tide turns, looking dull and grey today, no shiny white boats or colourful canoes enjoying the water.  Of course there are birds enjoying it, somebody’s always ready to make the best of any situation.


Taste – spare roast potatoes kindly shared among the staff – a nice warming treat at lunchtime, complimented by a glass of the Estate’s own apple juice


Hearing the pit pit patter of the rain on the slates above, the grumble of the Land Rovers as they go out onto the grounds in search of pheasants, who sound the alarm with their cry and whirring wings and they take flight to get out of harms way, (not always in the right direction, I’ve had to brake a time or two when they flew at the car instead of away …)


Our guests this week are people of tremendous strength, they have been through things most of us cannot even begin to imagine and have no chance of even beginning to understand the effect this can have on a being.  Respect.

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