Top 5 advantages of choosing a TV location as your wedding venue!

Your wedding is the one guaranteed day of your life when everyone’s eyes are on you. Whether you’re standing in front of the priest or walking down the aisle, there’s never going to be a time when you feel more like you’re on a film set. With Pentillie Castle though, that’s more than just a feeling. Some of you may know Pentillie castle by the name ‘Penrose Hotel’ – the name used for the hit Sky One drama: ‘Delicious’.

For those of you who, like us, have fallen in love with Pentillie Castle, here at The Wedding Secret we’ve come up with a list of the top five advantages you may have missed to picking a T.V location as your wedding venue…

  • Get the movie star treatment

We touched on this earlier but one of the main advantages to choosing a wedding venue that also serves as a T.V. location is getting to feel like the star of your favourite drama. With all the glitz and glamour of a wedding it’s already easy to feel like a star – so what better to add some more fizz to your big day than knowing you’re in a location frequented by actual stars?

‘Delicious’ stars some big names in television and, with a Pentillie wedding, you get the excitement of knowing that Iain Glen, Vincent Regan, Emilia Fox and, most famously, Dawn French have all been where you are. Whether you’re a fan of Vicar of Dibley, Silent Witness, Game of Thrones or (obviously) Delicious, the feeling of being close to one of your fav stars is a great wedding day perk.

  • Themed Weddings

Themed weddings, particularly ones based off a couples’ favourite T.V. show, book or film are ever growing in popularity.  14% of weddings in 2017 were based around a theme like these. For those of you who want to go crazy with a wedding that’s all about Lord of The Rings, Pride and Prejudice or Doctor Who, how better to add a little authenticity to your event than with a venue that was actually featured?

For Harry Potter fans, this might mean trying to snag the famous Bodleian Library, for Bond fans this could mean looking into hiring Blenheim Palace and, of course, for Delicious fans, Pentillie Castle is the obvious choice.

  • Looking round the venue

For those of you planning a destination wedding – or even those that don’t have easy access to your wedding venue – wedding planning can get a little bit difficult. Pictures are helpful but, if your wedding is happening a while after booking the venue, your memory of the layout might get a bit fuzzy.

If you choose a venue which has been featured on television you have a great cheat for double checking that your décor plans match the venue’s colour scheme. Just head to the show and pause when you see a good shot of the room or grounds. Of course you can only do this with scenes that you are 100% certain take place in the venue, so make sure to double check.

This could also be a great trick for getting the perfect wedding photos. During consultation with your photographer just show them a few scenes from the show. You can give the photographer an idea of the places you really want to be photo’d with and the photographer gets more of a feel for the place. Plus if the photographer is more familiar with the venue the photos could get done faster – leaving you more time to party.

  • Getting Inspiration

One thing you can do with T.V. wedding locations to make the wedding planning easier on you is to draw inspiration from the show itself. One of the great things about Pentillie Castle’s ‘Delicious’ is that (as the name suggests) alongside the scandal and intrigue that you would expect from a Sky1 drama, the series also has a heavy focus on spectacular dining.

So, if you’re throwing a wedding at Pentillie Castle, why not draw inspiration from the fine foods that feature in the show?  The show’s cooking is inspired by classic Italian dishes and features strong, bold flavours, delicious pastries and a classic Italian sweet – cannoli. While you don’t have to use the exact recipes from the show, adding a couple of extras to your wedding banquet as a nod to the show can only enhance your dining experience.

Also, since the premier of Delicious in 2016 Pentillie has been offering dining experienced based off the show – so you can have the guarantee that your wedding banquet is in highly professional and experienced hands.

  • Get a preview

Not many people are fortunate to experience a wedding at their chosen venue until either the wedding rehearsal or the big day itself. Fortunately (thanks to Delicious) with Pentillie castle that is not the case. One episode of the show features a wedding right on the grounds of Pentillie itself. While most of us won’t actually have access to a Sky One budget, it’s still a great way for you to get more of a sense for how your big day will look.

So whether or not you’re a casual viewer or a massive fan, the advantages of choosing a wedding venue that has been used as a T.V. location are plain to see. You get a venue that can spark off wedding discussion, offer a more versatile skill-set and make you feel like a star. Pentillie Castle, in particular, also offers a unique opportunity to plan your décor, fill in your photographer and get a free preview of what your wedding day could be.


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