“Make it your own, it’s your Wedding and should be a reflection of all the things you love…”

Congratulations, you’re engaged! I’m sure you are sat right up there on cloud nine, unable to stop looking at that ring on your finger…this is probably the most excited you’ve ever felt and we are so excited for you.

Now it’s down to business, you are about to embark on a journey of a lifetime…planning your wedding! Having worked in the industry for almost 20 years I’m guessing you are probably one of three types of bride or groom;

1. Been dreaming of this day all your life, know exactly what you want and will stop at nothing to get it!

2. You have no idea where to start or what you want, and feel rather overwhelmed by the amount of choice and are beginning to dread the thought of having to filter through it all…you just want to get married!

3. You think you know what you want, but feel open to suggestion and love the idea of spending the next few months visiting venues and searching for inspiration on instagram, pinterest and wedding industry websites…of which there are many!

Regardless of which type you are there is never any harm in asking for help and advice from family, friends, industry suppliers, wedding planners, bloggers, the team at venues, of course the powers that be…registrars and other ceremony officiants.  What advice could be better than that from couples who have already been there and done it themselves!

We regularly receive feedback from our wedding couples and really appreciate it when they want to be featured on our ‘Real Weddings‘ page to help provide inspiration to those who are beginning their wedding planning journey.

Please find below some wise words from a few of our previous couples: They have all offered their ‘top tip‘ and the reason they decided that Pentillie Castle & Estate was the perfect venue for them…

Everyone will tell you that you should make decisions based on what you want

Beverley & Adrian

What are your top tips for other couples?

Don’t be afraid to ask for exactly what you want – the day goes by so quickly you need it to be right for you.

Make sure you like your suppliers! I hadn’t realised what a large part of the day they would be and Lisa, Gem, Becca and Nicola were so lovely that they really enhanced the experience of the day.

We can highly recommend Pentillie as a wedding venue – the food was excellent, bedrooms are gorgeous (the four poster and dressing room in the bridal suite was amazing), garden and grounds beautiful and people lovely.

We choose our venue because…

We’d considered travelling away to Scotland/France looking for a castle style venue – but there was no need as we found Pentillie on our doorstep! As soon as we drove down the beautiful driveway and saw the view over the river we knew it was the venue for us. It’s a magical place that makes you feel very special. And that’s how you should feel on your wedding day!

Paul & Alec

What are your top tips for other couples?

Always make a list of things you want, and what you want to do to make your big day special. Be realistic, don’t take on too much DIY, but always farm this out to willing family members.

Keep it simple! Never be afraid to ask the venue for previous ideas.

It’s your day, always remember you might not be able to please everyone.

Get a good source of suppliers, especially photographer, cake and flowers they really make the day run with so much ease. They also don’t need to cost the Earth either!

Always go on recommendations for suppliers from people who have used them in the past.

We choose our venue because…

I looked at numerous venues in Cornwall and Devon. However, all were either too small or too impersonal. I was giving up a little bit of hope, but came to Pentillie by chance really. I was passing on my way home from Plymouth one day and saw an advertisement for an up and coming wedding preview. I was then reminded by Alec that we had visited many years ago for Pentillie’s Festival of Speed.  So, with that in my mind, we signed up to come have a good nosey around the castle to see what it might have to offer. When we arrived, everyone was so warm and friendly and made you feel at home straight away. I always wanted a Castle wedding, and to be near the coast or some form of water, so when we went down to the bathing hut and it being right on the banks of the river Tamar, I knew this was the perfect place for us to get married.

Rachel & Colin

What are your top tips for other couples?

We got given this advice a lot – take a moment to stand back and enjoy the day. Try not to get so swept up in it, that it’s over before you even know it and you haven’t taken a minute to process and experience the joy and what you have created together.

We choose our venue because…

Colin’s sister actually got married at Pentillie just over two years prior to us, and we fell in love with it then! First and foremost, we loved how beautiful it was in absolutely any weather! We also loved how relaxed it was – the fact that you hire out the house as a whole makes it like a (very luxurious!) home away from home. It’s so relaxed, and Colin and I are both really close to our families, so it was great to find a place where we could gather with all of our nearest and dearest to make it extra special.

We’d been engaged for over a year, and had tried in vain to find a venue that we loved as much as Pentillie (we must have looked at nearly 20 places), as we weren’t sure how Colin’s sister would feel about us having the same venue. Turned out we needn’t have worried! She actually said to us if we wanted to look at Pentillie she’d love it, as she’s since had a son and would find it amazing if we got married there as it would be an extension of her relationship with the place. So we went along on one of their wedding fairs and entered their ‘Win a Wedding’ competition…. and won!!!! We were on our way home when Lisa called us (we thought we had absolutely no chance), and turned right around to go back! We were so gobsmacked, and I’m not sure we ever quite came down from cloud 9.

We did exactly what we wanted. Mark wanted cocktail sausages and port, that’s what we had.

Clare & Stuart

What are your top tips for other couples?

Everyone will tell you that you should make decisions based on what you want, that you shouldn’t try to please anyone but yourselves – it’s your wedding, after all. I found that to be easier said than done, but I found that I got more confident with making decisions on that basis as time went along. It is definitely worth setting out with the intention of doing things your way from the start, as despite all your doubts everything will come together on the day and if you are true to yourselves, it will truly represent who you both are. Mostly – have fun and enjoy it!

We choose our venue because…

It actually felt as if it chose us! We had considered going abroad (just the 2 of us) to get married and have our honeymoon all in one. However, I decided I didn’t want to get married without my parents there, and so we started to look around for venues in Cornwall. We struggled, to be honest – nothing really felt quite right for us. Pentillie Castle was the last on our list of venues to see before agreeing that it would be abroad after all. However, as we were shown around we just fell in love with the place more and more. We knew we wanted to have a small wedding, and the stunningly beautiful surroundings of Pentillie Castle provided a perfect setting. We could really see how it would work for us.

Natalie & Pierre

What are your top tips for other couples?

Enjoy all the planning, preparation and especially the day. Many Brides I have spoken to were so stressed doing this and did not enjoy their day, which is such a shame. It will all go by so quickly, so embrace it all and make sure you have fun. The minor details really do not fret over; no one will notice or care. Main thing for you and your guests is to have good food, plenty of drink and have fun and laughter!

We choose our venue because…

I (Natalie) and my mum started looking at the end of December 2017. Pentillie was the first place we visited and then we visited one other venue. We booked Pentillie the day after; it was perfect venue. (The Frenchie wanted a ‘Chateau’ so Pentillie ticked that box too)

Livvy & Stephen

What are your top tips for other couples?

Literally enjoy every second. Keep everything simple and don’t fuss over the small details because on the day it just does not matter. Your there with your family and friends and your brand new squeaky clean husband.

We choose our venue because…

I had originally found Pentillie on Airbnb and fell head over hills in love but because we live in Hampshire, a good 4 hours’ drive away, we didn’t think it would be possible. We adventured around our area to find the venue but nothing quite suited what we wanted. In the back of our mind Pentillie was there. So, we thought sod it we have to go and see it to either eliminate it or not. We arranged for our Mums to come along and we all made the journey. We turned into the driveway and we instantly knew that this was the place we wanted to get married. So we did!

Kerry & Mark

What are your top tips for other couples?

Mark and I were very lucky. We had no influences or pressures from parents. No courtesy invites to long lost relatives or people we had never met. Everyone at our wedding had been a part of mine and Marks relationship from day one and they gave us their strength and support. We didn’t care about tradition. We did exactly what we wanted. Mark wanted cocktail sausages and port, so that’s what we had. My daughter gave me away and made a wonderful speech, even one of our closest friends gave a speech. So my top tip would be, don’t do something just because its ‘tradition’ or because others expect it. Do what’s important to you and take a minute to enjoy it. It goes so quickly.

We choose our venue because…

As it was second time around for us both we were looking for something small and intimate, almost low key. But then we came to one of Pentillie’s Wedding previews and totally fell in love with the place and the people. After speaking to Mark’s parents about Pentillie they told us, that when Mark was a child they sailed up the Tamar as a family and anchored just next to the bathing hut, over 40 years before we even met. So the choice of the venue was already made. It was fate.

If family and friends know that you picked things because it is what you love, then they will enjoy it all the more

Oksana & Chris

What are your top tips for other couples?

Book things early! Pick your priorities and concentrate on those, everything else is an addition. We had been to a lot of weddings before and were able to work out what we really enjoyed and what was important to us. Shop around and don’t be afraid to make things yourself…we had good fun making things together and with the bridal party. Don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations with regards to vendors. We were also very lucky to have so many friends be part of our day by helping with supplying things for the wedding like stationary, decorations and doing the hair.

We choose our venue because…

We looked around various venues locally as we wanted to keep it near home, it was also very important for us to be able to stay at the venue with our wedding party. Pentillie seemed perfect as it was so beautiful and would allow us to stay Friday to Sunday and have the whole place to ourselves…including the pool which we made full use of the night before!

Kate & Sam

What are your top tips for other couples?

Make the day tailored as much to you as possible. This is your big day and you have to enjoy it, rather than catering for everyone else’s needs. If family and friends know that you picked things because it is what you love, then they will enjoy it all the more. You don’t have to spend a fortune to make your dreams come true. Not everything will go completely as planned, but these are the unexpected surprises which may just make the day even more memorable for the right reasons. Everyone always says ‘it is over before you know it’, and it is so true, so enjoy every second!

We choose our venue because…

We looked online at all local venues and narrowed it down to our favourite two. We then went to visit both and immediately fell in love with Pentillie with its gorgeous views, friendly staff and how personal to us we could make it. Nothing seemed to be a problem and we could even have our doggies at the wedding.

Regan & Mike

What are your top tips for other couples? 

At the beginning close your eyes and imagine yourself on your wedding day. Don’t ever forget this image in your mind as it’s so easy to forget what the most important things are to you when you’re on the planning journey. There’s so much choice!

Get a friend to video your ceremony…(or a videographer of course). My colleague/dearest friend Lisa Rockey sneakily video’d ours and thank goodness she did because I didn’t remember a thing about it! To be able to watch it afterwards allows you to relive it over and over again. Lisa, you’re the best!

We choose our venue because…

Because I wouldn’t want to get married anywhere else. I loved Pentillie from the moment I drove down the drive about 10 years ago. I am lucky enough to have worked here for the last 4 years but never thought I’d be lucky enough to get married here too!

Make sure you like your suppliers! I hadn’t realised what a large part of the day they would be

Lorah-Kate & William

What is your top tip for other elopement couples?

Don’t stress, enjoy every moment, don’t sweat the little details so much

We choose our venue because…

It looked beautiful, was in a gorgeous location and wasn’t too far from London

Hannah & Matthew

What is your top tip for other brides or grooms?

Be organised, prior planning makes the day and means it is much less stressful. Make sure you write down everything that you want at your wedding, and tick it off as you go. Be prepared for things not going according to plan, and always have a ‘plan B’! Finally, make it your own, its your day and should be a reflection of all the things you love.

We chose our venue because… 

Since we are both originally from different parts of the country, we didn’t really have any ties to any particular area. We both love Cornwall, and decided it would be somewhere that we’d like our guests to come to for a fun filled weekend. We originally visited Cornwall to visit another wedding venue…but we made our decision to choose Pentillie as soon as we came down the drive for the first time. When we got through the door and met the team, it only made us love it more.

Goli & Marek

What is your top tip for other brides or grooms?

Make a weekend of it- it goes so fast and don’t be afraid to go with bright colours!

We chose our venue because…

We fell in love with the beautiful grounds and also the possibility of exclusive hire to make a whole weekend of it

Simon & David

What is your top tip for other couples? 

Do what makes you happy. People will have their opinions but go with what means the most to you. The day went better than we could have ever imagined

We chose our venue because …

It was on the Devon & Cornwall border, (I am from Devon, David is from Cornwall). We saw it on Country House Rescue and just loved the place. We also love the setting and that we had a lot of control over what happened

Mel & Louis

What is your top tip for other brides or grooms?

Start by finding the perfect venue that you both love and everything else will follow. Discuss everything together and enjoy it!

We chose our venue because…

Wow, how could anyone visit Pentillie Castle and not love it? It was actually the first venue that we visited and I went along with my mum and dad as Louis had to work. As soon as we drove into the entrance we all fell in love with it. Louis met us there later after work and loved it just as much as we did. Louis and I visited another 8 venues after, but nothing compared to Pentillie. The setting was truly beautiful and the feel / atmosphere of the entire place was indescribable, it really was the dream venue.

Now you’re feeling truly inspired, slightly more knowledgeable and that you simply must find out more about getting married at Pentillie Castle & Estate.

We would love to meet you, show you around the castle and to talk through your plans. If you live too far away to make it here easily, then we’d be happy to offer a virtual tour in the first instance – just let us know when suits you. We can also offer ‘in-person’ tours by prior arrangement.

Please contact Chrissie or Sammie on 01579 350044 to arrange a viewing (virtual or in-person). We’d love to talk through your wedding plans.

You can also download our Wedding Brochure to find out more about Weddings at Pentillie.

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