Wedding Winter Wonderland Inspiration

Winter wonderland conjuresbathing hut up so many images of crisp mornings, glistening snow, and twinkling fairy lights…….

Couples have so much choice when it comes to planning the big day – winter weddings may be one of those! With most venues offering ‘off peak’ prices, it can be the perfect opportunity to over indulge in some winter themed ideas. Pentillie Castle is the perfect setting in the snow (or even just in winter months), the Bathing Hut is beautiful on a fresh winter morning.

Whenever I reflect upon winter I think ice blue and silver or deep Christmassy red. You could dress your venue with these colours accordingly; such as chair covers and sashes, lovely winter hued bridesmaid dresses, centrepieces and floral arrangements. If you have a colouhot chocr scheme you should think of this quite early on so you can send out matching invites and start buying bits for the big day. Your invites could contain a snowflake, snowy scenery or maybe a lovely wintery tree, receiving an invite with a theme will get your guests talking and anticipating what your day will entail, leave it as a guessing game!

It is likely to be a cold day if you’re having a winter wedding so you will need to think about your guests feeling the chill. I have seen many different ideas to accommodate this, such as a mulled wine and hot chocolate drinks receptiocuddle men to warm those hands up, or printed blankets with your wedding date on as favours. They could be a handy accessory to keep warm during a sparklers/firework display on the terrace.

How about also having pinecones as part of the décor. You could even spend an afternoon closer to the date out walking – picking them yourself, this would save on cost but can also look very effective. You could use them as placecards settings and just slot a piece of card in with your guest’s name, or for something unusual have a smaller pinecone as part of the Groomsmen’s button holes. They can be easily spray painted too, in any colour you like!pinecone

It’s important to consider the size and impact you want your flowers to have on the church or ceremony venue, and reception room. Seasonal flowers can have a vast effect on the room – be sure to speak to your florist and let them know exactly what you are looking for and how you envisage the room to look. White roses and ivory colour flowers fit with the winter theme, or link in your colour scheme and have some deep reds, silvers or crisp blues. Your florist will be able to advise you on colours and flowers in season. They can also suggest different styles of centre pieces to lift the room.

If you do go for this option of an off season wedding there are a myriad of winter honeymoon destinations. At this time of year you can have the best of both worlds and are spoilt with hot and cold destinations. Admittedly you have to fly south to find somewhere warm but if you do, the possibilities are endless – head to Africa for a Masai Mara safari, get your scuba set ready for a dive in the Red Sea, Relax and unwind with a cocktail in hand on a Maldives island or head ‘Down Under’ for a BBQ on the beach. This said you also have the other spectrum – you could visit one of Europe’s top ski resorts which can be hugely romantic under a thick blanket of snow, ski all day then take advantage of the après ski. Whatever you choose the options are there!

Winter wonderland weddings are my favourite and if any of you would like more tips, do take a look at our Pinterest ‘winter’ board.

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