Kate & Sam, April 2018

You don’t have to spend a fortune to make your dreams come true.

We immediately fell in love with Pentillie with its gorgeous views, friendly staff and how personal to us we could make it. Nothing seemed to be a problem and we could even have our doggies at the wedding.

Your name and occupation:  Kate Crompton, Radiographer

Partner’s name and occupation: Sam Crompton, Radiographer

Where are you both from originally and where is home now: Both originally from Essex, now Devon

Wedding date: 14th April 2018

Ceremony and reception venue: Ceremony at Landulph Church, Reception Venue at Pentillie Castle & Estate

How did you choose your venue? We looked online at all local venues and narrowed it down to our favourite two. We then went to visit both and immediately fell in love with Pentillie with its gorgeous views, friendly staff and how personal to us we could make it. Nothing seemed to be a problem and we could even have our doggies at the wedding.

How did your proposal happen (who, when and where)? Sam proposed to me on the balcony to our room overlooking Kandy Lake in Sri Lanka. It was on the 2nd November 2016, just a few days before our 6th year milestone.

In 3 words, how did you picture your wedding at the beginning?

Personal, Beautiful, Romantic

Often the aspect that makes a wedding original to the couple is the detail/theme – tell us about the special details of the day and how you implemented them (colours, theme decorations, centre pieces, favours, photo booths, DIY etc)

We decided on a spring wedding which worked really well with a rustic theme whilst incorporating blues and greys. We often take our dogs for walks in the wildflowers and the Amanda, our florist, managed to capture the perfect combination of flowers with some of our favourites. She made arrangements in rustic crates for our table pieces and we used hessian and lace for the table runners, along with bunting down at the Bathing hut.

For our arrival at the reception, we wanted to take everyone back to Sri Lanka, where our engagement took place, and so Sri Lankan canapes and cocktails were the ideal way to do this.

Sam and I have always loved magic and so magician Andy took everyone’s breath away whilst guests enjoyed their arrival drinks.

Sam was tasked with arranging the car and what better way than for an Aston Martin DB5 to take us to the Church and back. Although slightly on the smaller side, it was perfect! A nice added surprise for the guests too when they were offered a ride up to the castle in a ‘James Bond car’.

Sam and I both love chocolate and we felt this had to be incorporated somehow into the day. So our favours were homemade truffles and our cake was a delicious sponge cake with tiers of vanilla and dark chocolate, a lemon and white chocolate and chocolate orange, all encased in chocolate bands and hearts.

We had an easel for photographs which Sam’s dad had crafted. We printed pictures of us both with our families since growing up until recent years and some of our adventures together. We then had a Polaroid camera for guests to capture their evening which is a lovely keepsake and perfect to add to our guestbook to look back on in years to come.

Were you inspired by anyone on social media? Pinterest/Instagram etc?

We got a little inspiration from Pinterest when crafting our invitations and stationary, but then tried to adapt their ideas to our own.

Please give a brief account of your wedding planning story i.e. priorities, highs & lows, challenges etc

We started by looking at venues which took a while, but after deciding on Pentillie, we then had a date in mind with which we could enquire to all our other suppliers. Top of the list was then Landulph Church as we hoped for a church wedding. We met the vicar and set the date for definite.

Next to follow was the magician, then the band. We found ‘Vicious Kitten’ online but wanted to see them live before we made any final decisions. After seeing them play at a gig in Exeter we booked them that night.

Next we needed to sort our guest list so we could make a start on making our invites. All our stationary we hand crafted and we knew this would take a lot of time so the sooner we could start the better.

We then found our photographer, florist, cake maker, evening food and car, hair & make up and then finally a dance teacher to help us with both our two left feet!

A definite high was ordering the cake….you cannot order a cake unless you have tried and tasted it first! We got to the cake shop where they had prepared three huge cupcakes of the flavours we had asked for, topped with the most ganache we have ever seen. Fair to say the rest of the day we were in a sugar rush, but it was absolutely delicious and we confirmed the booking immediately.

What food did you choose for your day, wedding breakfast and evening buffet and why?

Our arrival canapes were Sri Lankan themed to take everyone back to the place that Sam and I got engaged, including chicken curry, prawns and cuttlefish balls, one of the delicacies from our trip. Matthew had also arranged a perfect cocktail to accompany them.

For our wedding breakfast we had a choice of goats cheese, smoked salmon, both a favourite of mine, and soup. This was then followed by beef brisket, or roast chicken, Sam’s favourite Sunday dinner, or risotto. And for dessert, chocolate mousse, Pentillie mess or lemon tart. Something for almost every taste.

For our evening food, we hired a fish and chip van. Sam and I enjoy a portion of fish and chips every now and again as a naughty treat and this seemed the perfect opportunity.

Total approximate cost of wedding (for research purposes only)? 20,000 ish I think

What was your favourite part of the day? All of it!

How did you feel as you walked down the aisle / saw each other on the day?

We could not believe the day had finally come! I had imagined a long walk down the short aisle, but before I knew it I was at the front and just so happy to be stood next to Sam with all our family and friends. I just remember thinking I was so lucky and how handsome he looked.

What was the most important investment for you? i.e food, photography, dress?

The venue itself I think would have to be the most important. Had we used another venue, the day would have been totally different to what it was. Not only would we not have had the beautiful views for all our photographs, but we would not have come to know or get married at Landulph Church, and we would not have had the venue for the whole weekend for our celebrations with our closest family, our pooches most likely would not have been a part of our day and we would not have had the advice and support from Lisa, Matthew or other staff members which made our day go so smoothly.

What song did you have for your first dance and why?

We had ‘The way I tend to be’ by Frank Turner, performed by two of the band members as an acoustic duo. Sam really enjoys music by Frank Turner and I have come to like it after many a car journey. This was one of his songs that we both agreed to as a perfect first dance for us.

What are your top tips for other couples?

Make the day tailored as much to you as possible. This is your big day and you have to enjoy it, rather than catering for everyone else’s needs. If family and friends know that you picked things because it is what you love, then they will enjoy it all the more. You don’t have to spend a fortune to make your dreams come true. Not everything will go completely as planned, but these are the unexpected surprises which may just make the day even more memorable for the right reasons. Everyone always says ‘it is over before you know it’, and it is so true, so enjoy every second!


Photographer: Nick Williams

Bride’s Dress: The Wedding Company

Bride’s Shoes: Benjamin Adams

Groom’s Outfit: Donalds Tailors in Okehampton

Flowers: Flowers by Amanda, Plymstock

Caterer: Pentillie and The Whiddon Wagon

Music: Viscious Kitten

Cake: Chocaccino, Plymouth

Stationery: Homemade by us

Transport: Self drive classics, Ivybridge

Any others: Andy Field – Magician, Gem Ryder – Hair and make up

For more information about getting married at Pentillie please contact Chrissie on 01579 350044 or email